Five Website that give you time to chill and forget about exams

It’s that time of year when everyone under the age of 23 has exams. If that’s not you, you’re lucky, but the chances are if you have children above twelve they’re also in this predicament– which, judging from how my parents are around this time of year with us, means you’re almost as stressed as we are. Breathe. The Internet, although wonderful, is the absolute archenemy of exam period and it’s pretty obvious why. However, everyone needs a break, right? Look at your watch. You know you have time. Sit back, read on, and find out some of the best places to procrastinate online. You deserve it. P.S.: good luck!

  • Buzzfeed is… where do I begin? Once you get on there, you’ll never get off, I’m telling you (probably not the best five-minute break website– maybe wait for when you have half an hour. An hour. A day). There are hundreds of quizzes, from how many states you can guess to whose line is this in Mean Girls, and article after article after article on actually very little. Somehow, though, it’s genuinely very entertaining. You’ll end up hating yourself for loving the page. Here’s one of their recent articles, if you could call it that, which simply a brain holiday. Dive in. We’ll see you on the other side.


  • Not Always Rightis a regular haunt of mine. It’s so funny, honest and you’ll be surprised at how ludicrous some of the stories on there are. It’ll remind you to respect cashiers after reading how they sometimes get treated, but other anecdotes are plain hilarious. The occasional one will bring you to tears. A couple of others will leave you astonished. I find it really hard to criticise this website, actually. I’ll be surprised if you don’t become as addicted as I am. This is one of my favourites:


  • Oddee is self-proclaimed blog “on Oddities, Weird stuff and Strange things of our world”. Having been on it regularly for what must be years now, it never fails to report something unusual, disgusting or well, odd. It is disturbing in some areas, but if you’re like me in terms of absolutely adoring anything morbid, then your fascination will be more than satisfied here. I’ve just been reading one of their most popular posts, and if you’re eating, maybe leave it a couple of hours before you start reading this to get everything digested first.



  • Last but not least for now is the infamous FML. It’s stupidly addictive and though each ‘FML’ is only a sentence or two long, they’re so funny you’ll end up scrolling for miles. You can respond to each by clicking on “I agree, your life sucks” or “you deserved it”, and I have genuinely cried laughing at some of them. I’ll leave you to find the best for yourself­– some of them will make you squirm­– but here is the page for the all time top FMLs to start you off.

I hope you’ll find these websites highly enjoyable, addictive, and a simple source of stress relief from the horror of education’s May and June. In fact, even if you’re just bored and have your laptop open, the five mentioned here are perfect to distract you from the real world for a bit. You’ll love them just as much as I do. What exams?

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